Spring Cleaning

I haven’t written in a while because I might have broken my keyboard but now the Angels are showing some signs of not being a total fucking wreck. They finished their sweep of… Continue reading

See GAY Wilson

I know what you’re thinking, is he going to add the word gay to every post title? I might, but probably not, not all of the Angels have a name that rhymes with… Continue reading

Opening Gay

Today was opening day and the first inter-league opener in history and it’s always funny to watch 6′ 7″ gangles bo-jangles Jered Weaver swing a bat. Angels v. Reds. Longest game ever. It’s… Continue reading

Later Vern

It was about fucking time. I think even Vernon Wells would agree that his time as an Angel was shit. Taking on his contract was also stupid and giving up Mike Napoli for… Continue reading

New Look, Same Great Taste

I am happy to announce that I am going to start writing again. Jack Nicholson isn’t the only one jonsing for a thick Big A-hole sandwich… that sounded kind of gay. I know… Continue reading

King Me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, free hookers and beer, whatever you want to call it, Albert Pujols is now an Angel. I’ve been shitting absolute bricks all morning, I’m thinking about constructing a bunker.… Continue reading

Can I speak to your manager?

Hi, I ordered a team that doesn’t choke during a big series but you gave me one that does. I don’t know what kind of place you’re running here, but I want my… Continue reading

Has anyone ever noticed that Orioles catcher Craig Tatum looks like Randal from Clerks?

Ask Sherwin-Williams

Unfortunately, this was the only picture I could find of Jerome Williams. You can’t see his face but I assure you it’s him. Jerome Williams was called to make his first Major League… Continue reading

What a Bunch of Shit

I’m going rogue. I’m not going to recap, I’m not going to praise, I’m just going to rage on these assholes. Where to begin? Ah yes, fuck you Jordan Walden and double fuck… Continue reading