New Look, Same Great Taste

same tasteI am happy to announce that I am going to start writing again. Jack Nicholson isn’t the only one jonsing for a thick Big A-hole sandwich… that sounded kind of gay.

I know it has been too long but I just haven’t had the drive to write again until now. The love of writing stuff like this is all that can drive it because I am certainly not making any money doing it. I’m also not trying to make money, hence no ads, but that is one of reasons why I stopped for so long. I had to make some money and focus on other things.

I am thrilled however to be bitching about the Angels again constantly to whoever will read my ramblings. I look forward to a new season of Albert and Hamilton hitting back-to-back with Trout leading off.

I am completely aware that I get on the Angels when they under-perform and don’t always acknowledge their successes but I’m going to try and remedy that. I want, and have always wanted, the Angels to do well so I’m going to try to be more positive. But don’t think I won’t call them out if they play like bitches… I’m the Big A-Hole for God’s sake.

With all that crap said I look forward to a great season and I hope you read my bullshit.

-The Big A-Hole