Spring Cleaning

It’s nice to take the broom out of the closet for the 1st time this year for a little spring cleaning. With today’s 4-2 win over the White Sox, the Angels capped a… Continue reading

Human Sacrifice

Ok, that’s a little too dramatic. The Angels won yesterday with a bases-loaded, walk-off, sacrifice fly by Jeff Mathis. It was started in the bottom of the 12th by, of all people, slumping… Continue reading

One hit Oneder

Dan Haren was amazing tonight and was 1 batter away from a no-hitter. He 1 hit the Indians, ending their 8-game winning streak. The offense wasn’t very supportive, giving him 2 runs off… Continue reading

Leave it to Weaver

Gee Weaver that was swell. Jered Weaver dominated in today’s 3-1 victory over the Blue Jays. He struck out, a career high, 15 Jays and took a no hitter into the 5th inning.… Continue reading

Hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil.

Perhaps I should stop watching Angels games for the sake of the team. It seams like every time I miss a game, they do well and win or are winning but as soon… Continue reading

Pen not mightier than anything

Another day, another bullpen blow up. I seriously can’t believe this shit. Every game in this series, sans the first, has been fucked up by the Angels’ shitty bullpen. I am sick to… Continue reading

I’ve seen this movie and I didn’t like it the first time

I waited in line for 6 months for this shit? I wake up today to the Angel game already underway and they’re winning by a run. Then in the top of the 8th,… Continue reading

It’s About Fucking Time

Today was the 2011 opening day of baseball and the Angels won. YAY! Hopefully the start of many a halo being lit up at the Big A. Jered Weaver was great pitching in… Continue reading

No Respect

The Angels get no respect from the media. All they focus on are the big market teams on the east coast. Fuck the east coast and everyone who lives there, especially Boston. I… Continue reading

I hate baseball in the springtime…

But I love it in the fall… Only when the Angels are there of course. But first, we have to sit through fucking spring training.  Players with giant numbers, like 89, with no… Continue reading