Spring Cleaning

15460.PremiumCornBroom_4I haven’t written in a while because I might have broken my keyboard but now the Angels are showing some signs of not being a total fucking wreck. They finished their sweep of the defending AL Champs today in dramatic walk-off fashion by Mark Trumbo after pretty much humiliating the Tigers in the first two games.

It was definitely weird to see Torii Hunter in another uniform but as the series went on, I was able to develop my new hatred for him, which needs to happen, especially because he’s in the same league.

Josh Hamilton still sucks as a brand new baby Angel and they keep walking Poujols in front of him and he keeps letting them get away with that. Sooner or later he needs to make them pay for that. For fucks sake, they walked Albert with nobody on to get to Hamilton. That shit never happened before this year. Personally, I think they need to switch those two and have Hamilton bat 3rd and Poujos 4th.

The Angels are still 3 games under .500 and are starting a series at home against the Rangers. They need to, at the very least, win the series to avoid another April like last year. Maybe they can. Maybe they can go on a tear. We will see but the water has already started to enter the boat and they need  to bail it out as soon as they possibly can to avoid sinking.

-The Big A-Hole