Stick a fork in them… I’m done.

That’s it. I’m done. These fucking assholes can’t do shit and I’m tired of agonizing over losses. Until they can prove that they have some fight in them, I’m through. I paid quite… Continue reading

Fuck the Yankees

I could write about the emergency landing of the Angels charter plane. I could write about the Kansas City series. I could also write about Jered Weaver’s first win since April. I could… Continue reading

Batmen Return

“Holy not sucking total balls and pulling off a comeback win Batman!” No, I’m not talking about Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer or Adam West or whoever else has played Batman over the… Continue reading

Where’s Waldo?

I know you maximized this image and searched for Waldo, didn’t you? Yeah, so did I. But I’m not asking where that effeminate traveler from my childhood is, I’m asking where Jordan Walden… Continue reading

Wasted start, wasted space

This is the type of shit that drives me crazy. Weaver pitches 9 innings of scoreless baseball and doesn’t win. Now most of the blame goes to the impotent offense but the goat… Continue reading

Post Apocalyptic Post-game Show

The world is over and somehow the Angels managed a win. One day after the Earth exploded the Angels ascended to heaven and won their weekend series with the Braves in the final… Continue reading

A Fall From Grace

Looks like the Angels have lost their wings. Perhaps we should get a fucking crate of redbull for them. They have lost 4 straight games to some really shitty teams. They got hammered… Continue reading

The Bullshit Blows the Game… Again.

Oh, did I say bullshit? I meant bullpen, actually I didn’t. This fucking bullpen needs to get their shit together and Scioscia needs to stop leaving struggling pitchers in the game. Actually, he… Continue reading

I’ve got bad and worse news, which do you want first?

So I went to the game tonight and all was hunky dory until the bullpen fucked everything up. The Angels were winning by 2 runs in the 8th when Fernando “doopity douche” Rodney… Continue reading

You’re crrrazzzy

Last night I went to the Angels game for their World Record attempt for the most people wearing wrestling masks in 1 place… And we did it! There’s me sporting my sweet lucha… Continue reading