Later Vern

vernIt was about fucking time. I think even Vernon Wells would agree that his time as an Angel was shit. Taking on his contract was also stupid and giving up Mike Napoli for him was a ridiculous decision. Tony Reagins knows that more than anyone.

I wish it worked out and he was awesome but that is the opposite of what happened. He was horrible and cost the Angels more than fucking Gary Mathews Jr. Tony Goddam Reagins, what the fuck were you thinking?

I’m going to tell you what he was thinking, “Oh, Gary had one good year, let’s sign him to a FIVE YEAR 50 million dollar deal. There’s no way that can come back to bite us in the ass”. Then Vernon, “Oh, he had a great year (2010 in a hitters yard) last year let’s get rid of the guy that led our team in homers and goldie locks Juan Rivera”, sounds legit.

The only deal Reains made that was good was signing Torii Hunter, still love you Torii but fuck you at the same time, it’s complicated.

I know this is a few days late but it is still interesting, so get off my balls! Sorry, I lost it there.

Acquiring Vernon Wells put the Yankees back on top over the Dodgers as the largest opening day payroll for the 15th straight year, even though their best players are watching from the dugout for a while (not to mention they’re old as balls and shitty).

I’ll bet the Angels are glad to be rid of this failed experiment and are looking forward to kicking some ass without some overpaid paper weight clogging up the outfield and lineup. Speaking of clogging up the outfield, get Bourjos out of center. That is where Trout belongs.

-The Big A-Hole