What a Bunch of Shit

I’m going rogue. I’m not going to recap, I’m not going to praise, I’m just going to rage on these assholes.

Where to begin? Ah yes, fuck you Jordan Walden and double fuck you Fernando Rodney! Can we close out a close game please? Jesus fucking Christ!

When this series started, I thought, ok Santana complete game win, now they have to face Weaver and Haren this will be a sweep. But instead, Weaver shit his pants and gave up 8 runs and the bullpen blew it for Haren today.

Where’s our bullpen? Where? Come here bullpen, I’ve got a game for you to ruin, oh there you are, I missed you. God Dammit!

Let’s not even go into the Yankee series. Macier fucked up, rookies fucked up, everyone fucked up. I don’t know how many games this will put the Angels back and I’m afraid to look.

After a stretch of winning 13 series out of 15 they have now lost back-to-back series. One to a power house and one to a shit house.

I’m tired of feeling like this unfortunate fellow, lying under a pile of the bullpen’s/the offense’s shit. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, see what I did there? No offense plus no bullpen equals failure. The Angels can’t ride their starting pitching staff all year, they need to hit. This isn’t San Francisco, but oh yeah, they have a good bullpen.

The rotation is there but the bats are not. Maybe they should’ve made a move to acquire some thunder but they didn’t and they lack it. And a side note, get a fucking catcher that can hit!

-The Big A-Hole