Ask Sherwin-Williams

Unfortunately, this was the only picture I could find of Jerome Williams. You can’t see his face but I assure you it’s him. Jerome Williams was called to make his first Major League start since 2007 and recorded his first Major League win since 2005.

He was painting the corners all fucking day, hence the Sherwin-Williams reference. I really liked his stuff today and if he can keep pitching like that, it would seem the Angels’ rotation is pretty solid.

He got into a little trouble in the 4th, loading the bases on three consecutive hits but struck out Vlad and got a 3-6-1 double play to get out of it. Howie went yard as did Peter Bourjos, his 3rd straight game with a homer.

The Angels finished the sweep of the Orioles and gained another game in the standings and are now only 4 games behind Texas.

Last night was fucking crazy. The bullpen fucked up and the Angels bats came to the rescue. I couldn’t believe that they scored 3 in the bottom of the 12th to pull that win out of their asses.

The Angels have now won four in a row after losing 5 in a row, including the first three games of a 4-game series to Texas. If it wasn’t for Trumbo’s big walk-off bomb in the finale, who knows where the Angels would be right now.

The Angels start a 3-game series with the White Sox on Tuesday, I think that’s rally monkey chia pet night, nice.

The faggoty Rangers head home to face the Bosox for a 4-game series. The two teams I hate the most playing each other, can someone drop a bomb on that stadium or perhaps a massive swarm of killer bees, or a Tornado, or a Mongolian army hell bent on those two teams destruction? It’s impossible for me to root for the Red Sox so I will be simply rooting against the Rangers, it’s my loophole, deal with it.

-The Big A-Hole