King Me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, free hookers and beer, whatever you want to call it, Albert Pujols is now an Angel. I’ve been shitting absolute bricks all morning, I’m thinking about constructing a bunker.

The big A in Anaheim is now King Albert. I woke up to the news that Albert Pujols signed a $254 million, 10 year, contract with  the Angels. They’ve never signed a player for more than $90 million before, that’s quite a jump. I heard that the Angels are re-negotiating a new TV deal that will go from $50 million a year to $150 million and that’s how they were able to make this kind of deal. I can’t say enough about what this means to the Angels and Angels fans. Oh, wait, I guess I can.

Not to be over shadowed, but he kind of is, C.J. Wilson signed a 5 year, $75 million dollar deal making the Angels rotation, arguably, the best in baseball. To add Pujols and Wilson to a team that was already pretty good just made them great. I’ve been jumping up and down all day and every time I think about Albert Pujols at first base for the Angels, I chuckle out loud a bit.

C.J. Wilson is a totally legit number one starter but for us, he’ll probably be a number three. To have 3 aces in a row, Weaver, Haren ,Wilson… Santana, holy shit that is amazing. I could be the 5th starter and we’d still make the playoffs. I’m so excited about this team right now that I want opening day to start tomorrow. Can you imagine how many Albert Pujols jerseys they are going to sell? I’m so excited that I can’t even organize my thoughts.

It’s great to be back writing positive stuff about the Angels and this is so positive, I’m beside myself and in front of myself and above myself. There I go again…

I look forward to the 2012 season and bringing home another ring to Anaheim. All hail the king.

-The Big A-Hole