Oompa loompa doopity douche

What do you get when you can’t get an, out? Flailing around like a slippery trout. You will fuck up every game too. That’s why your an oompa loompa doopity douche. Happy Mother’s… Continue reading

Old School Hunter

Vintage Torii Hunter delivers a game-winning RBI single with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 11th to hand, the hottest team in baseball, an extra inning defeat. The Angels were wearing… Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the Say Hey Kid

Willie Mays, the greatest all around player, turned 80 years old today. He was a 12-time gold glover and a 24-time All-Star. He was a 2-time NL MVP and was the 1951 rookie… Continue reading

Pigs to the Slaughter

After a 13 inning marathon last night that went into the wee morning, the Angels beat the shit out of these ugly mother fuckers. Meet the fucking uglies folks. The Red Sox have… Continue reading

Bleacher Bums

Just quality parenting on the left here. I’m pretty sure the collective IQ in Boston is right around David Ortiz’s number 34. I can’t believe the ignorance pouring out of the stands at… Continue reading

A little something extra

First of all, I want you to imagine all of the pictures I had to sift through to find this one. Not cool. Now that I’ve ruined your appetite, and my own, for… Continue reading

You Drive Me Crazy

I know some of my younger readers aren’t going to get a Fine Young Cannibals reference but I had to do it. Jered Weaver has to be in the top 5 pitchers in… Continue reading

What are you, fucking blind?

Another game riddled with shitty umpires. Someone needs to sodomize these mother fuckers in a rest stop bathroom. I can’t even watch these games with this umpiring crew. Too many bad calls yesterday… Continue reading

Complete Gamer

Jered Weaver can do it all. He currently leads all of baseball in strikeouts and wins. He’s 5-0, the 1st 5-game winner in the big leagues, with 39 strikeouts, and a 1.23 ERA.… Continue reading

Has anyone ever noticed that CC Sabathia looks like this bear?